Tenders section

Our Tenders Section is intended to help our clients, suppliers and contractors / subcontractors we work with, to accordingly monitor their projects and opportunities, find out about new sources of potential business, be informed and stay up to date.

Please note, that Josephides & Associates strictly enforces zero tolerance  concerning unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent acts related to tenders or any part of work or general related environment. Therefore, any sign of the above will automatically lead to cancellation of communication and stop providing information.

From 1st September 2015, our tenders are announced by email to interested parties only. In case you would like to be notified and stay up to date, please send an email to info@josephides.com. An application form will be send to you in return to fill in your company’s details and upon approval, you will start receiving the related updates.

The fees for purchasing the tender documents for any project vary from 50 – 1000 Euros depending on the scope of work and the estimated budget. Both documents and tender submissions are  available through our FTP server in an electronic format only and we cannot accept any manual or person to person interfering or communication at any stage of the process.