The office

Founded in 1988 by Lakis Josephides, Chartered Electrical Engineer, “Josephides and Associates” delivers today professional design and management services. It is one of the very few ‘one stop shops’ for any kind and scale of building related projects and services, which delivers turnkey, “Design & Build” solutions.

Why you should choose us? Because our commitment to quality and professional services is the base of our strategy and general approach. The firm is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and within the last 30 years our team has successfully completed hundreds of projects in 15+ countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Our work varies in scale; we can work on the design of a hinge or a small mechanism, up to the complete planning of a large building complex, the construction of a multi storey building, the master planning of a village or a complex restoration of a city centre.

We  have done all of the above, and many more! No matter of the project type and size, our culture of total commitment and enthusiasm inspires clients and end users.  We pay attention to detail and work closely with our clients in order to achieve the best designs and solutions, respect to the environment, and appreciate the context and the surroundings of our projects.

Our clients list includes government bodies, local authorities and municipalities, individuals, corporations and organizations.

“Josephides and Associates”  is an one-stop services provider offering complete and total solutions.